About Grossel

Grossel Tool is a full service design and build resistance welding company, serving the automobile industry, appliance industry and wherever else resistance welding is needed. Beginning with design and running through final assembly, our experienced personnel in Sales, Engineering, Processing, Assembly and Customer Service are here for you.


Resistance Welding Guns

Whether designed by us, by you, or some other third party and whether the need is manual, robotic or fixture type Grossel Tool has the experience and capability to do the job. We have been designing and building resistance weld guns since the 1960’s.

Grossel Tool also features a full line of related spare parts. From shanks to electrodes, from bushings to self-contained repair kits, we can provide the replacement parts necessary for any gun or cylinder we manufacture. Grossel Tool Company is a full service resistance welding manufacturer.

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Weld Gun


From Pre-lube air cylinders to foot mounted hydraulic cylinders, with a force rating of 200 lbs up to a force rating of 2500 lbs, fitted on one of a variety a mounts, and equipped, if needed, with an internal proximity switch, Grossel Tool can fill all your welding cylinder needs.

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Machine Protection Doors

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Machine Protection

Production CNC Machining

Stand Alone Welding Machines

Stand alone nut welder with feeder