About Grossel

Grossel Tool is a full service design and build resistance welding company, serving the automobile industry, appliance industry and wherever else resistance welding is needed. Beginning with design and running through final assembly, our experienced personnel in Sales, Engineering, Processing, Assembly and Customer Service are here for you.

Our Capabilities

What can Grossel Tool Company do for you?

That depends on the needs of your project. Our design and manufacturing are done in-house. That means we can take your project from start to finish. Or we can jump in at any point along the way. You tell us. Or let us guide you based on the job you need done.

From 3D modeling in our Engineering department to custom copper tube shaping in our plant we can do the job for today’s resistance welding needs. We can fill a high-count order – we feature a diverse line of CNC and Milling machines for production runs – and we can respond to your request for a single gun or cylinder. With our in-house experience, we can even respond to a specialty request.

An example of our capabilities

Grossel Tool did the design and build of more than 1400 resistance weld guns for 1 automotive plant.

If the need is resistance weld guns, we can fill it. If it is an air or hydraulic cylinder or 1000 of them, we can do that, too.

Grossel Tool has achieved ISO 9001:2015 registration.