About Grossel

Grossel Tool is a full service design and build resistance welding company, serving the automobile industry, appliance industry and wherever else resistance welding is needed. Beginning with design and running through final assembly, our experienced personnel in Sales, Engineering, Processing, Assembly and Customer Service are here for you.


That depends on the application, the duty cycle and the environment in question. A Grossel Tool cylinder is designed to last a minimum of 1 million strokes.

Warranty periods are negotiable, depending on application. The warranty period usually starts when a cylinder or gun gets put into production, providing it is put into production in a timely manner.

Grossel Tool is usually using the most current AutoCad Mechanical Desktop 3D Para-solid version. There may be a short delay between when AutoCad releases a new version and Grossel Tool is up and running on it. As an additional point, various design translations are possible both in and out of AutoCad. Check with us for compatibility, if you have a different design language requirement.

Most delivery times are quoted. But to give an idea, small, rush gun projects (1-10 guns) can be done in 8-10 weeks. The average quote is 12-16 weeks for larger projects.

Spare parts can run anywhere from 3-8 weeks. Grossel Tool can set up a warehousing program for your convenience, however. Please call for details.